We develop, promote, make visible and research Citizen Science

Vigilantes del Aire

We prepare a map of air quality in Spain, using strawberry plants as measurement stations.

Make It Special

Co-creation and Maker Culture open and for all

Eu-Citizen Science

Developing a community around citizen science projects around Europe


Bringing scientific research to classrooms.


Participate with a thousand students of Aragón in our collective intelligence project. Registration until October 16.

Inteligencia Colectiva y los ODS

Exploring Collective Intelligence to respond to the Sustainable Development Goals

We develop

We provide technical support, dissemination and trainingso that anyone can participate in scientific research.

We research

We promote researching very different areas of scientific knowledge in the local, national and international spheres.

We make visible

We contribute to the dissemination of Citizen Science experiments that are carried out and connect their managers with citizens interested in contributing.

We promote

We organize, encourage and develop citizen science experiments in a free, cooperative and open way.


Fundación Ibercivis

science and citizenship

Are you a citizen scientist?

Do you manage, collaborate or participate in a citizen science project?
The Ibercivis Foundation offers tools and resources for the development of your citizen science projects.
In addition, we carry out our own citizen science projects.


science and society

Do you collaborate with social groups or are you part of an association?

Citizen science addresses issues in our closest environment, contributing to finding solutions based on the scientific method; consolidates knowledge and form to citizens who make better decisions.
Through citizen science projects, Ibercivis

our citizen science projects







science and Academy

Do you do professional science?

As a Scientist, are you involved in a project that may include citizen science?
Citizen science is increasingly present a multitude of academic projects and citizens contribute decisively to the achievement of its objectives.
At Ibercivis we connect scientists with communities and volunteers with those who contribute to the development of science

We develop, promote, make visible and investigate Citizen Science in a free, cooperative and open way.

Science and Third-Sector

Do you want to introduce citizen science in your company or institution?

Citizen science is becoming increasingly prominent in scientific development policies throughout Europe. Its application is framed
More and more companies, through their social action and corporate social responsibility policies, non-governmental organizations and foundations are committed to include citizen science projects in their programs.
If you want to contribute to the scientific development in a free, collaborative ans sustainable way, please get in contact with us.

get in contact with us

Fundación Ibercivis. #WeDoCitizenScience

Campus Río Ebro, C/ Mariano Esquillor s/n Edificio I+D
50018 Zaragoza

+34 876 55 53 96


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