The ViSH ( is a social site for sharing and creating educational resources, called eExcursions.

The name eExcursion is a metaphor for a virtual excursion where you perform virtual visits on a specific scientific topic. Virtual visits or eExcursions are thus well designed visual compositions or mash-ups of public multimedia objects coming from the Internet, which can be viewed on a browser, but also projected in a physical or in the virtual classroom  of the ViSH.

eExcursions can be of different lengths and follow a variety of pedagogical approaches. If you add any interactive material, such as a game or a quizz it can make it more engaging for your students.

Minimum requirements:

– Introduction to the topic

– Main part of the excursion: can include any type of material, such as videos, images, remote lab access, 3D animation, Webcam; interactive elements are encouraged

– Conclusion: can again include different elements;  it should close the topic; suggested elements are a quizz, a collection of links to additional materials

Here are two examples of popular excursions:

Iberian Lynx: