Our Citizen Science Hack Gay will be held at Zaragoza, Spain, Saturday 29th june in Cero Emisiones Building. Hack  starts at 11:00 and closes at 18:00.
Come with us, join other human beens! Citizen scientists, technologists, designers, students, humanists… We meet all together inside a common physyical place during a short but intensive time of collaboration, working on various defiances.
We encourage you to join people with ideas, or searching ideas to join or support, willing to integrate their skills in technology, social, design, communication…
Network is the key. The goal of the event is to show the potential that the Citizen Science provides citizens and professional scientists thanks to new technologies. The event will display on sensor Network tools: acquisition of data with mobile phones for science projects; Network talent: solving scientific problems from your web browser; Network computers: where your computer contributes its resources; network running scientific simulations of experiments: using games and applications can be tested science experiments.
Know and work with free software tools that people handles in their scientific projects (EpiCollect, PyBossa, BOINC) and not just with software, but hardware too.
How to join?
Reserve as soon as posible your free TICKET . If you want to submit a collective idea, just write in, no register requested.

Personal equipment suggested: laptop, smartphone, photo camera, will help to create or improve scientific projects on Citizen Science.
No technical or scientist previous experience is requested!
A Hack is a trick, a fast solution to a question, hack is never the fanciest one, but usually is the most effective. Much more hackers, much more solutions  generated!
What results on a Hack Day?
Nobody knows! We can only guarantee a source of interesting ideas built over cooperation,  to meet interesting people, and have a nice and different Saturday…
The agenda
1. Elevador pitch over the questions to solve
2. Create the think tank groups, you join the most exciting for you
3. Teamwork during event
4. At the end of day, every team shows his results

Organisation will give support to teams if they desire continue work outside Hack Day, if requested.
Science Hack Day  promoters are…

Fundación Ibercivis
Ibercivis is a citizen science initiative composed of a volunteer computing platform and a series of experiments that allow the scientific community to leverage two of the most powerful tools that exist today: the ability of the computer and the human brain.

Cachirulo Valley
A group of people who organized various initiatives and activities to promote technological entrepreneurial ecosystem in Aragon.

It is a workspace, a collaborative space, a learning space, but above all, Dlabs is a space of artistic and technological experimentation.

Lead by the University of Zaragoza, Socientize is a proyect funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme. Launched in 2012, Socientize  coordinates and promotes scientific experiments using civic infrastructure, eliminating the boundaries between professional and amateur scientist. The project will create the Citizen Science White Paper for Horizon 2020.

Milla Digital-Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza

Innovative urban-technological project of the City of Zaragoza to help companies, institutions and citizens to take his place to be part of the economic and social environment of the XXI century.

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Puedes descargar .pdf